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Open a Bank Account in the UAE

Opening a bank account is mandatory to start a business in the UAE. You need a bank account to run an offshore or onshore business. UAE is reputed for its stable economy and safe banking system. Opening a bank account is a challenging process since you have to go through several strict procedures initiated by the UAE Central Bank. We at STRIP Accelerator, guide you through the banking system and ensure a quick bank account in 2024.

Why Choose UAE Banks?

Explore the safest banking system in the world.

UAE’s stable local currency, secure lending institutions, no currency controls, and ease of operation from any part of the world make UAE banks the most attractive banking system.

Documents Required For Opening a Bank Account in UAE

SRTIP Accelerator helps you open a bank account collecting all the necessary documents. The documents required include,

The documentation vary from bank to bank. Additionally, the documentation depends on the structure and size of the corporate. The documents of a corporate firm requires attestation from corporate shareholders

The Steps to Open a Bank Account in UAE

Figure out the steps to opening a bank account in SRTIP with SRTIP Accelerator,

Initially, you need to obtain a company license. The license allows banks to recognize your firm as a corporation.
In this stage, SRTIP Accelerator help entrepreneurs to prepare the documents and proceed with the account opening process.
In this step, you have to confirm the residence of stockholders. Few banks might require the proof of residence. While other banks may not consider it.
After having a detailed discussion with the bank’s representative, we provide necessary guidance to proceed with the application process. The application must be submitted with above mentioned documents and duly filled application form.
The bank either approve or reject the application based on their criteria. Following approval bank will do KYC for the management, shareholders, and board directors.

After collecting and processing the application form, you get a call for the interview. After attending the interview and completing the process, get access to a bank account in the UAE. 

How SRTIP Accelerator assist your bank account opening in the UAE?

Following the years of expertise in business setup services, SRTIP Accelerator reach top UAE banks and meet all the requirements to open a bank account for both corporations and individuals. We follow a customized and personalized approach to meet the banking demands of our clients.
SRTIP Accelerator offer 100% success rate in opening a bank account in the country.
Get access to the following banking services,
SRTIP Accelerator offer expert assistance to setup a bank account in the UAE. We serve as your trusted business setup partner in the UAE.


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