The Benefits of Setting up a Business in SRTIP Free Zone

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The Benefits of Setting up a Business in SRTIP Free Zone

The Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) is a light for business owners looking for a place where science, technology, and new ideas can thrive. This free zone, which opened in 2016, provides a unique setting for businesses to grow. It focuses on key study areas that are important for the growth of the UAE and the Middle East region. This blog post will talk about the unique benefits of SRTIP that make it a popular choice for buyers from other countries.

Cost-Effective License with a Visa

One of the primary concerns for foreign investors is the cost of setting up a business in the UAE. SRTIP addresses this concern by offering one of the most cost-effective business licenses in the country, coupled with a visa. For as low as AED 5,500, entrepreneurs can obtain a trade license along with a visa, making SRTIP an attractive option for those mindful of their budget. Business setup consultants in Sharjah can provide detailed insights into the license and visa costs, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Focus on Key Research Areas

SRTIP stands out because it focuses on six important areas of study that drive progress in the region. Renewable Energy, Water Management, Environmental Technology, Transport & Logistics, Production Design & Architecture, and Digitalization Solutions are some of the areas that show how dedicated the company is to scientific study and technological progress. If foreign businessmen want to start a business in SRTIP, they can make sure that their actions are in line with these important study areas. This will help the UAE and the Middle East move forward as a whole.

Strategic Location for Businesses

Location is a crucial factor in choosing the right free zone, and SRTIP excels in this aspect. Situated between Sharjah Airport Road and University City Road, SRTIP benefits from a strategic location with strong global logistics and transport networks. The free zone is a mere five minutes from Sharjah International Airport and 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport, facilitating easy connectivity for businesses involved in imports and re-exports. This advantageous location also ensures convenient transportation facilities for both customers and employees.

Special Package for Women Entrepreneurs

Because SRTIP knows how important it is to include and respect everyone, they offer a special business plan for women businesspeople. The ‘Women in Innovation’ plan, which costs AED 9,000, is a discounted deal for women business owners who work in SRTIP’s priorities. You can use the Innovation Lounge as much as you want, there are special places just for women, starting a business quickly, getting help with your business, and going to professional networking events. It’s easy for women marketers to get this deal with the help of business start experts in Sharjah like SRTIP Accelerator.

Business Support Services Under One Roof

The process of company incorporation in SRTIP is streamlined by providing all-encompassing business support services under a single roof. SRTIP’s fully integrated services cover every aspect of the business journey, from application submission and company registration to facility leasing and business licensing. This comprehensive support ensures that entrepreneurs can navigate the setup process efficiently, with the assistance of experienced company formation consultants in Sharjah like SRTIP Accelerator.

Availability of a Dual License

While business setup in UAE free zones offers numerous benefits, it comes with the restriction of limited trading within the mainland. SRTIP addresses this limitation by offering a Dual License, allowing businesses to extend their activities into the UAE mainland without the need to rent office space. This flexibility is a significant advantage for free zone companies seeking broader market access.

Modern Infrastructure and Facilities

As a hub for innovation, SRTIP provides modern infrastructure and facilities designed to empower foreign entrepreneurs. The office spaces and coworking areas come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including furnished spaces, Flexi desks, on-site parking, meeting rooms, private working areas, free WiFi, receptionist services, and 24/7 security. This commitment to providing a conducive environment fosters innovation and creativity among businesses operating within the free zone.

Support for Innovation

SRTIP goes beyond being a typical free zone by establishing the Sharjah Open Innovation Lab (SoiLAB), a dedicated innovation hub. SoiLAB serves as the central hub for innovation, connecting students, artists, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts under one roof. The lab offers access to a wide range of equipment, from 3D printers to metal and woodworking machinery, creating an environment that nurtures and supports innovation.

In conclusion, the benefits of setting up a business in SRTIP Free Zone are multifaceted and cater to the diverse needs of foreign investors. From cost-effective licensing and a focus on key research areas to strategic location advantages and specialized packages for women entrepreneurs, SRTIP stands as a forward-thinking free zone that encourages innovation and inclusivity. Foreign investors are urged to consider SRTIP as their preferred choice and consult with experienced business setup experts like SRTIP Accelerator for a seamless and successful business setup journey in Sharjah.

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