Free Zone License In UAE– License Cost and Step-by-Step Guide

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Free Zone License In UAE – License Cost and Step-by-Step Guide

Entrepreneurs who wish to have a Free  zone Company setup in UAE may obtain a license for a free zone in one of the Emirates. Every free zone is designed for commercial activity and has many benefits, such as complete business ownership and reduced administrative procedures.


UAE free zones prove advantageous to businesses and are becoming more well-liked as magnets for foreign direct investment.

A UAE free zone license makes it easier for businesses to operate within and outside the country. It gives them access to safe banking services, strong government support, top-notch infrastructure, a prime location near the MENA area, and more. 

All free zones have the same basic characteristics, even if they cater to different interests and have different company establishment prices and administrative requirements. UAE is an exceptional location for any firm looking to expand internationally.


Free Zone License in UAE – An Overview

A free zone license is like your business permit for operating in a designated area in the UAE. It is an important document that gives businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large multinational conglomerates, the opportunity to profit from several advantages when they operate inside that free zone. Additionally, whether a company is already operating domestically or abroad, it offers the choice to establish a new branch or move its activities to that region.

Offering your services for little to no cost will help you attract clients with limited resources, and you can start building your portfolio by showcasing your work. Include your best-known projects, and do not forget to acknowledge any renowned clients you have worked with. For setting up a web design firm in UAE, having a portfolio is the most crucial stepping stone.

How to Procure a Free Zone License in UAE?

UAE has some of the most sophisticated free zone structures in the world today, thus providing investors with a wide range of choices. Securing a business license within SRTIP is a strategic requirement for entrepreneurs who want to leverage the innovation-backed economy. The SRTIP Accelerator is a gateway to providing cost-efficient, flexible solutions for granting licenses to start-up businesses. 

Here is how you obtain a free zone license in UAE at a reasonable price using this simple process:

Determine Business Structure

There are many different business activities available in UAE. Companies operating in free zones can do several things with a single license. Remember that the quantity of activities you choose will determine how much your free zone license will cost.

In the Free Zones, the legal entity of a company is available in three different types:


  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company – FZ LLC
  • Free Zone Establishment – FZE 

Decide On A Business Name

Establishing a Free zone  Business Setup in the UAE is simple. Standard paperwork requirements for most free zones include a filling out application form, copies of shareholders’ passports, and contact details. A proper business strategy may also be required in some zones. To ensure error-free documentation processing as quickly as possible, think about hiring company formation experts such as company setup consultants.

Receive Your Free License

The final steps include registering your firm and getting your free zone license when your application is accepted. You can start your business operations and open a corporate bank account with these corporate documents. Furthermore, the free zone in which your business is situated will give you a residency visa. With the correct advice and compliance with legal requirements, obtaining a free zone license is a reasonably simplified process.

Post license Requirements

After a business license is issued, entrepreneurs require a residency visa. The number of visas depends on the number of employees and the size of office space. Also, the corporate bank account is opened for business transactions. SRTIP Accelerator facilitates all these processes and helps easy integration into business ecosystem.

Free Zone License Types

A variety of free zone permits are available to local and foreign investors in UAE, each suited to their unique business requirements:


  1. General Trading License: This license enables the trade of numerous goods.
  2. Trading/Commercial License: Usually, it is given for a short period. This license is perfect for industrial, commercial, or consultancy activities.
  3. Services License: Required to conduct business for accounting, legal, and business consulting firms.
  4. Manufacturing License: Applied to businesses that produce goods.
  5. Warehouse License: This permits companies to rent warehouse space to distribute, store, and pack goods.
  6. Industrial License: This kind includes the import of raw materials, the production of items, and the export of completed goods worldwide.


Cost of Free Zone License in UAE

Depending on the kind of license you require, a free zone license in UAE can cost different amounts. Like trading, service, and industrial licenses, these licenses typically need to be renewed every three to five years. The cost of a business license varies according to your license type and the Free Zone you select.

What are the benefits have having a business license in UAE Free Zones?

Compared to mainland licenses, a freezone license is beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • 100 % ownership of the company
  • World-class infrastructure with modern facilities catering to more than 150 business activities in SRTIP.
  • Availability of skilled professionals in different sectors
  • Easy process of start-up including acquiring a business license. 
  • Tax exemptions, full repatriation of capital and profit, and easy import and export procedure. 

Why do Business Consultants recommend Setting Up Your Business in SRTIP Free Zone?

Business setup consultants in UAE prefer recommending to their clients the benefits of

setting up business in the SRTIP Free zone. The specialist know that start-ups will find growth and development quicker and hassle-free in the fast-moving tech space provided by the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone (SRTIP) Authority. The consultants have access to ready-made world-class infrastructure with modern facilities and

 an ecosystem that allows company formation in UAE smoothly. The SRTIP ACCELERATOR program available in SRTIP allows start-ups to access efficient processes, strategic business insights, and continuous support for Business  setup in UAE.

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