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Marketing Consultancy License UAE

Do you want a Business setup in UAE as a consultant? Well, exciting times ahead! The UAE has become a potential hub for consultants and professional service providers with burgeoning opportunities across different Industries

To legally practice as a marketing consultant, you must know the licensing requirements before you get started. Although the regulations may appear intricate, fear not—we have you covered.

Marketing Consultancy License in the UAE: An Industry Overview

The UAE is undoubtedly the greatest GCC nation to establish a consultancy business. It boasts low entry barriers, no income tax, a stable economy, and diverse enterprises that drive demand for consulting services.

With a staggering 16.6% in the GCC’s consulting market in 2022, the UAE recorded the second-highest growth rate. The public sector’s need is a significant factor driving the consulting industry in the United Arab Emirates as it attempts to diversify its oil-dependent economy. 

As part of these ongoing efforts at diversification, the UAE has opened its doors to international companies that attract investments from worldwide. The UAE offers incentives such as low corporation tax rates, free trade zones, and 100% capital repatriation. Multinational firms find the country a desirable regional base due to its favourable trading conditions, strategic position, and easy access to neighbouring Gulf countries like Africa, Europe, and Asia.

To run a marketing consulting business in the United Arab Emirates, you must get the appropriate license for your Business setup in Sharjah. The precise license needed will vary based on the consulting services you intend to offer. 

UAE-based marketing consulting firms operate in several industries, including consumer products, retail, hotel, real estate, banking, technology, and healthcare, thus offering organizations in various industries- branding, digital marketing, market research, and strategic marketing counsel, among other things. 

Establishing a marketing consultancy in the UAE has several benefits discussed below


  • Fast Setup: Obtaining a UAE consulting license is quick. It can be ready to go in less than two hours.
  • Investor incentives: The UAE is an attractive destination for investors due to its attractive financial incentives, which include complete profit repatriation, full foreign ownership, and no share capital requirements
  • Flexibility: You make the decisions when you start your consultancy here. Organize your schedule, select your clientele, and reach a worldwide audience.
  • Diverse Industries: UAE offers a wide range of industries where you can specialize your consulting skills, including engineering, education, tourism, and transportation.
  • Cost-effective: Establishing a business needs less funding without sacrificing quality. That is a win-win circumstance!
  • Growth Opportunities: Most newly established companies contract their strategy and resource management. You are in a great position to meet these needs and grow your clientele as a local specialist.

Process for obtaining a Marketing consultancy license in UAE

Selecting the Appropriate Business Structure

A crucial choice to make when establishing a marketing consultancy in the United Arab Emirates is choosing the appropriate business structure. Businesses can select from a variety of legal structures in UAE free zones, such as branch offices, subsidiaries, free zone establishments (FZE), and free zone companies (FZCO). Every structure has advantages and disadvantages of its own concerning liability, ownership, and operational flexibility.

Since every structure has unique needs and ramifications, choosing the best one that fits your business objectives will require careful thought.

Fulfilling the requisite conditions, including documentation

A few prerequisites are to be fulfilled before the trade license application procedure begins. These include obtaining the necessary permissions from the relevant government bodies and locating a suitable place of business. 

Advertising, market research, and associated activities are subject to particular rules and regulations for a marketing consultant company established in a free zone. These could include policies for following industry standards, securing advertising permits, and defending the rights of customers.

Applying for a marketing Consultancy license

A specific procedure established by the relevant free zone authorities is usually required in order to apply for a marketing consultancy license in a UAE free zone. UAE free zones are made to entice foreign investment and expedite the process of setting up businesses, including granting licenses for a range of commercial ventures, including marketing consulting.

Depending on the particular free zone you select, the precise procedure may differ significantly, but generally speaking, the following stages are involved:

  • Decide on the Free Area: Choose the precise free zone in which you wish to open your marketing consulting company. 
  • Business Plan: Write a thorough business plan that outlines your target market, expected revenue, and marketing consulting services. This is frequently a prerequisite for the application for a license.
  • Application Submission: Send the relevant free zone authorities the application for a license to provide marketing consultant services. This could entail submitting corporation documentation, completing forms, and making the required fee payments.

Approval and License issue

Depending on the particular free zone, a marketing consultancy license may be issued by the free zone authority. Nonetheless, the relevant department in charge of business licensing within the free zone or the free zone authorities are usually in charge of this. 

The accelerator program of SRTIP (Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park) facilitates the application process for establishing a license for marketing consultancy services by providing a range of resources such as finance, networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to business development services. This can be a big help in getting through the license process and starting the consultancy faster inside the free zone.

Consulting Business Licenses SRTIP Accelerator Offers

Foreign investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups must be familiar with the application process and the required documentation, even though getting a consulting license is not complex. The best decision will be to submit your application through a dedicated portal like SRTIP Accelerator. 

Obtaining marketing consulting licenses is an area of competence for SRTIP Accelerator. Trade in software, web design, personal care, cosmetics, and creative agencies are among the most common commercial activities in SRTIP. Hence, licenses for marketing consulting are in demand for these industries.

How does SRTIP Accelerator Help in Acquiring a Marketing Consultancy License?

In conclusion, SRTIP Accelerator is your trusted partner in acquiring a Marketing Consultancy License in the UAE. Our expert team guides you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. We handle all the intricate details, so you can focus on building and growing your business. If you’re ready to take the next step and establish your marketing consultancy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact SRTIP Accelerator today and let us help you turn your business vision into reality.

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