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How to Register a Company in Sharjah | Sharjah Freezone License

Establishing a commercial set up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may be a profitable proposition, principally in vibrant areas like Sharjah. If you consider the possibilities and the benefits of operating in a free zone, you should know that starting a business can be simplified and done quickly in Sharjah. This post will give business owners who want to form a company in Sharjah or obtain a Sharjah Free zone License, a comprehensive overview of the steps, expenses, and advantages involved in this process.

Registering a Company in the UAE

Sharjah is one of the prominent UAE emirates. To register a company in Sharjah, you must first know that the company registration process includes several key steps. Before the commencement of the procedure of establishing a company, a potential owner must be aware of all the legal implications, eligibility criterions and prerequisites pertaining to registering a company in free zone to ensure a hassle-free setup.

Sharjah business setup

The foremost step in launching a company in Sharjah is selecting the kind of business entity for business setup in Sharjah. There are two types of company formations available in Sharjah: mainland and free zone companies, each with unique benefits. 100% foreign ownership, freedom from import and export duties, and no corporation or personal income tax are typical benefits offered by free zone enterprises. However, a mainland corporation gives you more options, when it comes to Sharjah conducting business in the local market.

Company Registration: Mainland vs. Free Zone

A lot of foreign investors find free economic zones to be an appealing opportunity since they provide access to contemporary infrastructure, effective processes, and an investor-friendly atmosphere. 

Selecting to Register a company in the Sharjah free zone has numerous significant benefits. The advantages of 100% foreign ownership, capital and profit repatriation, and a modernized process frequently entice entrepreneurs to choose the free zone structure. 

License for the Sharjah Free zone

A fundamental phase in starting a commercial venture in the emirate is obtaining a Sharjah Free zone License. This license outlines the operations and activities the company is permitted to carry out. Thus, it gives business entrepreneurs the lawful right to embark on their commercial journey operating within the free zone. These permits are issued under the supervision of the Sharjah Free Zones Authority (SFZA), which also offers a conducive business climate.

Sharjah Free zone Business License Cost

A prospective investor should be mindful of the expenses connected with getting a Trade License in Sharjah free zone. The Cost of a business license in Sharjah differs rendering to the type of business activity undertaken, the infrastructure required, and the company size. To understand the prevailing fees for business licenses in different business categories with other registration costs, it is recommended to do some research for the Business setup in UAE.

Key considerations when setting up business in Sharjah

Several decisive factors need to be considered during the process of company formation. It is vital to know the existing laws of the UAE and the procedure to be commenced for business creation. Compliance with the statutory and legal requirements with an understanding of the local culture are a few challenges an entrepreneur may face, but this can be managed with the help of SRTIP Accelerator.

Sharjah Company Registration Process

The general procedures required in registering a corporation in Sharjah, particularly in a free zone, are as follows:

Selecting a Business Activity: Choose the business activity the company wants to carry out and ensure it complies with the activities allowed in the selected free zone.


Choosing a Business Name: Pick a distinctive and fitting name for the business, making sure to abide by the naming regulations issued by the pertinent authorities.


Application for Business License: Apply for the appropriate business license and submit the required paperwork, together with your business plan, to the free zone authority.


Infrastructure and Office Space: Plan for appropriate infrastructure or office space according to the specifications of the selected free zone.


Visa and Employee Sponsorship: Find out what the free zone authority says about visa and employee sponsorship requirements, and follow those standards.


Opening a Corporate Bank Account: For conducting business transactions, you must open a corporate bank account with a bank located in the relevant free zone.

Business setup in Sharjah

Sharjah is a great place for entrepreneurs. It will be advantageous to start a business because of its location, well-developed infrastructure, convivial business community, and skilled workforce. The allure of establishing a firm in Sharjah brings international investors. The simplicity of doing business in the free zones and the accessibility of international markets surges the demand among the global community.


To sum up, businesspersons looking to get a foothold in the United Arab Emirates have several options. Comprehending the complexities involved in acquiring a Sharjah Free zone License, including the expenses, protocols, and advantages, can greatly help in expediting the establishment of a business, especially while registering a company in the free zone. Entrepreneurs may confidently handle the Sharjah company registration procedure with careful planning, in-depth research, and the assistance of SRTIP Accelerator, opening the door to a lucrative and successful business endeavour in the Emirates.

The critical role that SRTIP plays Formation of a Sharjah Company

SRTIP, offers great potential for business owners and enthusiasts to set up shop in Sharjah, make their mark in the vibrant metropolis, and develop their initiatives to reach new heights.


Let’s take a look at how SRTIP is encouraging the business environment to flourish and become more innovative. It is imperative to recognize the wonderful opportunity that Sharjah presents to both established businesses and budding entrepreneurs. The city is highly recognized for its favourable location in the United Arab Emirates and supportive economic environment. 


The UAE free zones are widely familiar for their variety of business inducements and amiable environment. By establishing your firm in a free zone, you can take advantage of tax breaks, 100% ownership, and streamlined company registration processes. It is sensible to consider the benefits of registering your business in a free zone compared to other regions. The role of the SRTIP Accelerator program becomes relevant if you have chosen a free zone.

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