How to Get a Management Consultancy Business License in the UAE?

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How to Get a Management Consultancy Business License in the UAE?


The United Arab Emirates’ extensive and majorly developed public and private sectors along with a diverse economy make it a desired place to start a consulting business. Therefore, starting a consulting business in the United Arab Emirates like any other business setup in UAE could be fruitful provided you have proper expertise as a management consultant with an extensive understanding of your chosen industry.

The UAE’s governmental sector is the biggest user of consultancy services, much like the other GCC nations. With $ 841 million in revenue, the UAE had the second-highest growth rate in the consulting business last year at 14.3%.

According to research, small and medium-sized consulting firms most frequently offer general management consulting as a business service. Data and technology, accounting, tax, audit advising, marketing and media, and people-focused consultancy are popular offerings. UAE management consultancies support clients in reorganizing, enhancing, and growing the output of their enterprises.

If you are interested in opening a management consultancy in the Emirates, you must apply for a management consultancy business license in UAE. It takes a few steps to make this happen. 

How to Get A Management Consulting License in the UAE?

You must first apply for a management consulting license if you intend to start a management consulting business in the UAE. The license will give you the authority or legal right to do various tasks, starting from offering consulting services, suggesting rules and regulations to improve your client’s operations, and suggesting corporate reorganization ideas. You can also open a business bank account, hire staff, apply for a visa, and set up your office with the license.

The license application process for UAE management consulting can be completed in five steps.

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Choose Your Line of Business

Businesses can select from over 2000 business activities in different industries and subsectors within the SRTIP Free Zone. The most suitable business activity group for most management consultancies would be “consultancy,” which includes marketing and management consulting.

Select A Trade Name for Your Enterprise

For your management consultancy, select a trade name that complies with UAE business naming regulations. There are some important considerations to make when applying a trade name:

  • It cannot contain any of your name’s acronyms 
  • No derogatory or potentially blasphemous wording may appear in the trade name.

Choose a Location for Your Business

Your business location matters in every respect. There are numerous benefits to operating out of a free zone for most management consultancies. These include 100 percent foreign ownership, repatriation of profits and capital, and 0% corporate and income tax.

The resolve of the SRTIP Accelerator is to provide business licensing to those entrepreneurs intending to function in the Free Zone in the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. The objective is to offer an organized and encouraging environment that will aid in the development and success of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Fill Out Your Application Form and Send in Your Fees

The next step in obtaining a management consulting license is to finish registering on SRTIP’s client portal and make all necessary online payments.

  • Open a bank account for your company and obtain your license.

Open a Bank account and get your license to commence your management consulting business.

The Cost of a UAE Management Consulting License

In the SRTIP Free Zone, obtaining a management consulting license can cost you. To find out  Low cost business license in UAE or the exact price of your management consulting license with visas in the SRTIP Free Zone, you can consult with the experts at SRTIP for a free quote.

Documents Needed in the UAE to Obtain a Consultancy License

The following documents are required as part of the application procedure if you want to apply for a management consulting license in the SRTIP Free Zone.

  • A digital passport-size photo
  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the residency visa
  • A copy of the Emirates ID

To expedite the process, SRTIP can help you compile all these documents when you set up a management consultancy at SRTIP Free Zone.

Types of Consultancy Services in the UAE

A consultancy license is among the most flexible business options for investors in the United Arab Emirates. You may practically operate a consulting firm from anywhere in the world. There is enormous space for company expansion. With a consultant license in Dubai or Sharjah, one can open a business assisting in various subjects, including those mentioned below.

  • Educational-Applicants for financial aid in school supporting students with their college applications and getting ready for various entrance tests
  • Immigrational Consultation– Guiding prospective immigrants regarding documentation, requirements, and processes
  • Company Formation-Providing a range of services to help new business owners launch their ventures and assisting with the acquisition of the paperwork needed to obtain a consulting license
  • Strategy Development– Planning, organizing, and temporarily managing company resources are all potential components of managing a business project. It also helps with goal and resource management and helps organizations concentrate on strategy and project administration.
  • Advice on investments and finances– Putting forward the investment options supported by thorough market analysis. Additionally, advice on strategy and implementation
  • Business Guidance-Providing solutions to changing business demands
  • Market research and analysis– Analysing the market to project the level of success for specific products and services. Aids in promoting, selling, and concepts to improve the creation of leads in addition to improving brands.
  • Taxes, VAT, Accounting-Helping companies maximize their earnings while adhering to rules and restrictions
  • Human Resources and Recruitment-Skills identification, hiring, training, regulation creation, and exit process implementation
  • Operations and process management of different business procedures and making the necessary adjustments for optimization
  • Warehousing and shipping-Providing businesses with computer technology solutions for goods storage, pick-up, and delivery, with a focus on e-commerce
  • Legal-Educating clients about the law to help them avoid difficulties in their behaviour
  • Risk management and compliances-Recognizing potential risk factors and successfully controlling them

Why Choose SRTIP Accelerator?

Sharjah, the third-largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates is home to the strategically located Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), positioned between University City and Sharjah Airport Road. If you decide to build your consulting business on the SRTIP, you will join the many other expert consulting organizations that currently run prosperous operations out of this facility.

In addition to our prime location and first-rate office premises, starting your management consulting from SRTIP Free Zone offers the following benefits: 

  1. A company license recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) by attestation.
  2. Easy and quick integration from an internet gateway.
  3. No fully paid share capital.
  4. Unlimited visas, subject to the size of the office.
  5. Business documents with an instant IBAN.
  6. No income or corporate tax
  7. Special community advantages

Starting a consultancy in the SRTIP Free Zone is easy with our extensive experience in helping establish consultancies in this field. We assist you in choosing the best business structure, handle all the paperwork, and set you up for success with your consultancy. Our support covers every stage of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup.

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