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Start A Web Design Company in UAE

The field of web design is dynamic, encompassing a wide range of expertise and possibilities, including creative graphic design, user interface (UI) and experience (UX) design, SEO, and more.

These are the idyllic times to start your web design business in UAE, as nearly every business needs a website and frequently needs to update its existing one. Considering this, we will analyse all you need to know in this blog to launch a web design company and operate it profitably.

If have an eye for designing or you are a talented web designer looking to make a name for yourself in this forte, this article guides you on the fundamentals of setting up a successful web design company in UAE. With most businesses moving to online platforms and the growing demand for digital solutions, this might be a profitable and attractive business opportunity.

The demand for web design specialists is high in the age of E-commerce  business. The profit margins are also high for web design activities. 

The continuous evolution of online platforms has seen that not all competitors are keeping pace with time. If you have a futuristic business plan with the right target audience in mind, then having a business  setup in UAE will be lucrative and its initial setup costs are lower compared to other capital-intensive businesses. 

Starting a web design company in UAE- Key steps to Follow

Create A Business Portfolio

Your company portfolio is crucial as it helps to highlight your identity in the digital marketing market. Your first goal should be to assemble a compelling and visually appealing portfolio before approaching potential clients. If your resume has blank spaces and you are new to the field, there are quick and simple ways to fill them in. 

Offering your services for little to no cost will help you attract clients with limited resources, and you can start building your portfolio by showcasing your work. Include your best-known projects, and do not forget to acknowledge any renowned clients you have worked with. For setting up a web design firm in UAE, having a portfolio is the most crucial stepping stone.

Conduct Market Research

An understanding of the market’s typical rates will help you determine how much to charge for your services if you conduct thorough market research. You can choose the appropriate market to focus on and the most effective strategies to contact your audience by using market research to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Conduct market research to determine how to draw in customers by researching the best sales and marketing techniques.

Additionally, market research will help you gain knowledge about the products, services, pricing, and tactics of your potential rivals, the advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the right Jurisdiction for your Web Design Company

You must have the correct reasons before starting your web design company in the Free Zone. There are some key differences between these jurisdictions, each having its terms/conditions and benefits. Since Web design business structure is more virtual than physical, it can be done from anywhere, and hence, the free zone is the best choice.

There are several advantages of registering a web design company in a Free Zone.

  • 100 % foreign ownership 
  • 100% of profit and capital repatriation 
  • 0% personal and corporate tax
  • A well-regulated and organized business environment
  • Work from flexi-desk office setup with unlimited visas
  • Easy and quick setup with support from platforms such as SRTIP Accelerator.

Steps to Starting Your Web Design Company in the UAE Free Zone

Free zones allow an investor multiple activity under a single professional license. SRTIP free zone in Sharjah offers more than 1500 business activities with many of them offering IT services related to web design. Therefore, getting a Trade  License in Sharjah Free Zone through the Accelerator program is quick and easy. 

The main steps are

Choosing a company name

Selecting a distinctive and eye-catching name for your new business is crucial. It is important to remember that there are stringent regulations related to company names in the United Arab Emirates. These regulations forbid using derogatory or sacrilegious language, and any mention of political or religious organizations. 

Submitting Your Documents and Application

After deciding on a name for your company, complete the required forms and submit them for approval. For the least amount of time and effort, it is advised that you work with a specialized company setup innovative platform such as Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) Accelerator to guide you through each of these stages.

Obtaining your Trade License

Upon the approval of your business activity, you will get the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and other documents. After that, you can apply for any other paperwork you require, like work permits and visas for your Business  setup in Sharjah.

Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) with its collaborative platform with businesses and government agencies offers business licensing services to entrepreneurs wanting to launch a web design company. SRTIP issues  Business License in Sharjah Free Zone from the relevant authorities . 

Role of SRTIP Accelerator in setting up a web design company in UAE

In an era of internet culture, UAE is not far behind. Online services are widely sought after in the Emirate. Now, many factors make this a fascinating possibility when it comes to web design. If deadlines are met, one can take on as many projects as they choose. Two of the many USPs here are the talent pool and the flexibility of work scheduling. SRTIP free zone is the fastest-thriving innovation park in the region. Hence, it is a popular choice for international investors and enterprisers wishing to establish a foothold in the UAE.

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) Accelerator program assists businesspersons in setting up their venture, whether it is a web design company in UAE. This might involve getting access to training courses, funding opportunities, industry networks, mentorship, and even assistance finding office space in the park. The accelerator may also provide contacts to possible partners or clients and advice on navigating UAE’s commercial environment. Those wishing to start a web design company in UAE, may find the SRTIP Accelerator useful as it is intended to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

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