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Trademark registration in the UAE

Trademark registration is crucial in securing your brand identity in the United Arab Emirates. Trademarks establish legal rights with distinctive symbols, sounds, names, or designs. SRTIP Accelerator is armed with massive expertise in offering specialized services and hassle-free registration. We cover everything from the initial trademark search to finalizing the accurate trademark classes, addressing rejections, and ensure effortless registration. With SRTIP Accelerator, entrepreneurs protect their brand identity in the competitive marketplace.

What is UAE trademark registration?

A trademark is a recognizable sign, symbol, name, design, or word that differentiates and identifies the services or products offered by your firm, individual, or organization. Trademark registration in the UAE is pivotal in branding, helping customers identify the brand, and enhance their brand value in the UAE.

How trademark registration affects business setup in Sharjah Free zones?

UAE Trademark registration process with SRTIP Accelerator

SRTIP or Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park is a unique free zone that provides an ideal work atmosphere for creative entrepreneurs. Sharjah RTI Park renders complete business setup services to meet the demands of clients. SRTIP Accelerator is an authorized license provider of SRTIP. We assist in various services including company registration, getting a trade license, space leasing, tax & accounting, visa services, and trademark registration.

Trademark registration is valid for all the Emirates in the UAE. Trademark your brand with the following steps,
1. Trademark Search
A brand is a vital asset. So, it’s essential to invest more time or research. Conduct thorough research to decide a trademark and make sure it’s not in use in the UAE. You can search through the online portal of the UAE Ministry of Economy with trademark experts from SRTIP Accelerator.
2. Submit a trademark Application
After deciding on a trademark, the next step is to submit a trademark application. Apply to the UAE Ministry of Economy.
You have to submit the following,
3. Examination
The Ministry of Economy reviews the application to check for the uniqueness of the trademark and other trademark requirements. In case of any issue or rejection, the authority will notify the applicant within a specific time.
4. Publication

Once you get the approval, the trademark is published in the trademark Gazette. The gazette publication allows third parties to file any objection against the trademark if they find it infringes any other trademark.

5. Opposition period
Third parties can file an opposition against the trademark within 30 days.
6. Trademark certificate
Finally, after completing all the processes, the UAE Ministry of Economy issues the registration certificate and you have to pay the final registration fee.
7. Trademark renewal in the UAE
The trademark is valid for ten years. After ten years, you have to renew the trademark for every ten years.

The cost of UAE trademark registration

The cost of UAE trademark registration amounts to AED 8000 along with an additional amount for publishing a trademark in an official journal. Furthermore, you have to pay for a few supplementary expenses such as legal assistance, translation services, and the amount for publishing in two local newspapers. SRTIP Accelerator can help you go through trademark registration effortlessly and within a minimum budget.
The duration of trademark registration depends on the type of trademark and the service provider. As per the Ministry of Economy, the average time for trademark registration is 90 days. However, if all the documents are as expected, the Ministry of Economy provides trademark registration within 30 days.

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SRTIP Accelerator - Trademark registration assistance in the UAE

Trademark registration appears simple but any minute errors in the application form or document submission may result in trademark rejection. Hence, engage with SRTIP Accelerator for effortless trademark registration. We provide complete assistance in providing trademark registration in the fastest possible time and within an affordable budget.
The SRTIP Accelerator team extends our full support in registering the trademark complying with all the requirements. We avoid the common pitfalls and identify the most appropriate trademark for your business. Our trademark registration services in the UAE prevent rejections and minimize the risk of conflicts in the future. We understand your business and render efficient trademark services in the UAE.

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