How to Get a Consultancy License in Dubai, UAE

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How to Get a Consultancy License in Dubai, UAE

Because of its diverse economy, Dubai is a lucrative market for consulting firms. Consulting companies offer guidance and direction to entrepreneurs, and large businesses constantly require specialized services from qualified experts. Furthermore, Dubai’s need for business support and consulting is growing due to its abundance of booming industries.

With several industries seeing a rise in activity, there are more chances than ever for professional consultants in the United Arab Emirates.

 There is a market for consulting services if you know you can impart them to others.It is convenient to obtain a license for consultants operating in the United Arab Emirates. The most significant step for a Business setup in UAE when starting a consulting business in Dubai is to apply for a business license. Let’s examine each stage involved in obtaining a consultant license in Dubai.

What is a UAE consulting license?

You can become a business consultant in your preferred field by obtaining a consultancy license in the United Arab Emirates. The license, which may be thought of as a passport to working as a consultant in the area, will outline the areas you operate.

You must specify the industries you plan to work in on your license application. All of this is a part of the application process, where you will list your areas of specialization. Ensuring that the extent of your license aligns with your business goals requires you to make a legally binding decision regarding your professional intents.

Starting a consulting business in Dubai has several benefits

Around the world, consultancies can prosper, but the United Arab Emirates stands out as a true honeypot because of its favourable tax structure and minimal expenses. The absence of bureaucracy facilitates hiring and organizing, and you will have complete ownership of your consulting business.

The need for qualified consultants in the UAE is higher than ever, regardless of your field of expertise—retail, technology, hospitality, healthcare, or any of the other dozens of expanding industries. Better yet, this is the easiest place to start a consulting firm.

Types of Consultancy Licenses available in Dubai

Make sure you apply for the appropriate consulting license depending on the type of business activity you plan to do to receive one. Based on a broad range of commercial activities, the UAE offers the following categories of consultancy licenses:

  • Business Setup Consulting
  • Strategy Building Consultancy
  • Market Research Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Consultancy
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Event Management Consulting
  • Industrial Consulting
  • Financial Advisory
  • Investment Consulting
  • Accounting and Finance Consulting
  • HR Services and Manpower Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Risk Management and Compliances Consulting
  • Process and Operations Management Consulting
  • Logistics and Shipping Consulting

Process For applying for a Consultancy license in Dubai

Step 1: Pick the right legal setup for your business.

Step 2: Sign up your company’s name, making sure it follows the naming rules. Keep it clean, avoid slang or well-known names, and ensure it’s


Step 3: Get your license issued.

The license is granted in a few days after a quick application process. You receive an email with a scanned copy of the original trade license. As soon as you obtain a copy of the license, you can get right to running your consulting company.

Types of Consulting Business Licenses offered by SRTIP Accelerator

While obtaining a Dubai consulting license is not a complicated procedure, foreign business owners must be well-versed in the application process and the necessary paperwork. Therefore, a specialized platform like SRTIP Accelerator to submit your application will be the best option.  

SRTIP Accelerator Dubai has the expertise in procuring business consultancy licenses. Presently, they offer their clients the following categories of Trade License in UAE for the consulting sector:

  • Management Consulting License
  • IT Consulting License
  • Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Consultancies License
  • Financial Consulting License
  • HR Consulting License
  • Marketing Consulting License
  • Environmental Consulting License
  • Healthcare Consulting License
  • Education Consulting License
  • Tourism Consulting License

Why use SRTIP Accelerator to launch your business?

Setting up a business in Dubai is incredibly profitable, and SRTIP Accelerator offers the best possible experience. This location has a seaport,

 and the airports of Dubai International and Sharjah International are also nearby. Since SRTIP Accelerator is a Dubai office of the SRTIP Free Zone, it will make sure you take advantage of all the cheap expenses, zero tax, 100% firm ownership, repatriation of all profits and capital, and lack of currency limits and foreign exchange regulations that come with various Free Zones.

NOCs, bank letters, capital proof paperwork, and audit reports are not required when establishing an SRTIP Accelerator Consultancy business. Even while establishing the business and submitting the application for the consulting license, you do not need to be present in person.

Grow your consultancy business in SRTIP Accelerator, Dubai

Possessing a UAE consulting license and operating in the Dubai Free Zone shows prospective clients that you are a vital component of the regional economic landscape. It provides you with the legitimacy, credibility, and professional profile prospective clients are constantly seeking—all of which are crucial when launching a consulting business.

Your knowledge is another essential component of your consultancy’s success. It all comes down to your knowledge as a consultant. Establish yourself in the corporate world, where your expertise and abilities are always in demand. Get started on your new consulting by requesting a customized quotation Business License in Dubai from SRTIP Accelerator.

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